C&G offers a number of PC Support services to satisfy your specific needs. And best of all, we do it on-site at your location!

We will install your new PC! New PC Installation
Worried about setting up the new PC and printer you just bought? Concerned about the work to configure all the software and connect to the Internet? Don't worry! We'll schedule an expert to come to your home and get your system up and running in no time.
We offer PC Technical Assistance! PC Technical Assistance
Do you have a software-related problem? Need help with configuration problems? Got a virus or spyware? We offer on-site technical assistance with software installation and upgrades, software troubleshooting, computer setup and configuration.
We can "Tune-Up" your PC! PC "Tune-Up"
Computers are meant to bring you enjoyment, entertainment and information as well as lighten your workload and broaden horizons. However, sometimes they also bring you headaches and frustration! Failure to maintain your computer's health can leave it vulnerable to viruses and "spyware', or cause it to malfunction, slow down or quit working altogether.
Remote Support Remote Support
In certain situations, online support is the most convenient way to fix your PC issues. Under your supervision, we can directly access your PC to better understand and resolve your situation.