PCs are like automobiles, they need regular scheduled maintenance performed. If you fail to maintain your car, eventually you will have serious problems or your vehicle will completely stop running.

The same is true for PCs. Failure to maintain your computer's health will leave it vulnerable to viruses and "spyware" or cause it to malfunction, slow down or quit working altogether.

Is it time for a "PC Tune-Up"?

If your PC is experiencing any of the following, it's time for a "PC Tune-up"!
  • Crashes and "lock-ups"
  • Out-of-memory errors
  • Overall slow system performance
  • Numerous "pop-up" windows (even when not connected to the Internet)
  • Your browser's home page keeps changing or goes to web sites you never asked to see
  • Trouble connecting to the Internet or frequent disconnects
  • Frequent error messages and "General Protection Faults"
We can "Tune-Up" your PC!

What does a "PC Tune-Up" include?

Basic System Tune-Up and Routine Maintenance

System Analysis and Recommendations

Virus Protection

Removal of Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Key Loggers and other "malware"

Operating System Updates

If Internet access is available, download and install any Windows updates and Security Patches