C&G can provide you with PC Technical Assistance in a variety of areas. And best of all, we do it on-site at your home or office!

Software Troubleshooting

Our software knowledge and real world experience assures you that we can solve most software related issues quickly. Whether it is a hard-to-produce application software issue or data and file corruption, we have the experience and knowledge to identify and fix the problem correctly the first time. Many times it is simply software version conflicts or installation/configuration issues which are easy to identify and correct. With the increasing occurrence of automatic software and driver updates across the Internet, it is not uncommon for problems to arise without apparent cause.

Software Installation and Upgrades

We provide expert installation, configuration and upgrades for most software products. Whether it be operating systems or applications, we have the knowledge and expertise to do it right the first time.

Updated software, hardware and operating system drivers and patches are required for reliable operation and maximum utilization of system capabilities. It doesn't take long for software and drivers to get out of date, so it is critical that your system be configured accordingly and any differences be identified and tested prior to implementing any software changes.

Computer and Network Troubleshooting