Home Networking

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to share Internet access on your home computers? Would you like to share printers and files? Play games over your local network? Are you unsure as to what networking technologies are best for your needs? C&G can help! Contact us for a free consultation to evaluate your needs and assist you with deciding which home networking technology is best for you.

Business Networking

C&G can customize your small business computer network solution to meet your business requirements. Contact us to arrange for an on-site consultation where we will spend the time required to thoroughly understand your networking needs. We can provide new network installation or upgrade your existing computer network.

What type of network?

Three different types of networks are generally used: "wired" networks which use physical wires to connect the parts of the network; "wireless" networks which use radio signals to connect the parts; and "hybrid" networks which use both wired and wireless connections.

Installing your network

If you have the networking software and hardware ready, we'll come to your home or office to unpack and install the equipment and load the software for you. We won't leave until it's up and running smoothly. If you do not have the networking software and hardware ready, we'll work with you during the consultation to determine what is needed and how it should be obtained. All this and at an affordable price too!