C&G can analyze your home or small business systems requirements and recommend, implement, and maintain cost-effective solutions to satisfy your needs. Detailed analysis and planning for current and future requirements ensures that today's solution remains just as valid tomorrow.

Selecting the best solution is only the first part. Learning to effectively use it to meet your objectives is second and perhaps the most critical. We can manage the implementation of your solution and ensure that it is both cost-effective and integrated into your overall objectives.

The following are examples of the services we can provide for you:
  • Hardware and Software Assessments and Solutions
  • Network and Peripheral Assessments and Solutions
  • System Expansions, Upgrades and Capacity Planning
  • Analysis, Planning and Deployment for Systems and Solutions
  • Internet, Web site and e-Commerce Consulting
  • Security and Virus Protection Analysis and Planning
  • Implementing New and Integrating Existing Technologies
  • Second Opinions and Alternative Solutions
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Evaluating, Selecting and Using the Best Solutions
  • Technical Training